by Mechanic January 23, 2014

You guys make the call! Vote now whether or not we refresh the server and wipe everything for a fresh start!   Vote now in the forums here -…
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by Jon November 19, 2013

Hey guys, DayZ Admin Jon here. I thought I'd share some new things we've recently added to the server.     VEHICLES! Probably the most important: we've added about 70 new vehicle spawns.…
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by Mechanic November 06, 2013

DayZ Battle Royale is an extreme survival mod that plunges players into a bloody game mode where only the crazy, the brave and the foolish come to be champions. Based on the book/movie 'Battle…
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by Jon November 06, 2013

Hey Guys!   The PSeG DayZ server has gone through some changes recently. Rios made a post on the forums here, . I'll just…
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by Mechanic November 02, 2013

The DayZ server has been given a clean slate. All vehicles have been reset, all deployables have been deleted, and all survivors have been given fresh spawns. Get yourself out there and get too all…
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by mo October 30, 2013

PSEG Welcomes You!!!     Hello Everyone, PSeG has officially launched our new BF4 server and it has been packed full of people since the release. With the successful launch of the server…
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by Camerooon October 17, 2013

Complexity has announced that they are hosting a $10,000 open invitation tournament for the North American CS:GO scene. They're hoping that this will help spark more interest in online tournaments and…
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by Mechanic October 14, 2013

Loot has supposedly been fixed: Changelog: [FIXED] - Loot system lockout timers updated. (Should correct 0 loot pile issues) [FIXED] - Chop wood from any location. (You are no longer able…
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by Mechanic October 11, 2013

We have upgraded our server to the latest version - with this update comes just a bunch of fixes from the 1.8 upgrade. See the change log below. Changelog: [FIXED] - Loot…
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by Mechanic October 11, 2013

We have added some common loot locations to the map as well as included our custom building locations. The map now also includes the Auto Refuel gas pumps so you can fill up quickly no matter where…
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